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The Gorsemoor Primary School PTFA                                                                                                                          

November 2021 update


The Gorsemoor Primary School PTFA (The Gorsemoor Association) is open to everyone who is associated with our school, such as Parents, Teachers, Friends, Guardians, Carers, Grandparents, Governors.


The PTFA is an important part of school life. We are an enthusiastic group of mums, dads, teachers and friends who meet regularly, about once each half term, to support the school and our children. You are automatically members of the association! Committee meetings generally start at 7pm and last for just over an hour and a half, depending on the agenda.


The group is quite small and friendly and always welcomes new committee members. It gives an opportunity to meet other parents and have an insight into how the money raised is spent. It also allows parents an opportunity to discuss what events we should organise in the future: we are always open to new ideas.


Main Committee Roles

Chair Person                Alex Davies
Vice Chair Person        Vacant
School Liaison             Sara Batchelor
Secretary                     Amanda Cadman
Treasurer                     Karen Fraser

Our aim is to organise events and activities for the enjoyment of the pupils and parents and to raise funds in a fun and sociable way. All fundraising directly benefits each and every child at the school and enables the purchasing of equipment and resources that enhance and enrich each child’s social and educational experience and school facilities.

Past funds have enabled us to purchase equipment and resources for school.

Recent highlights include for 2018/2019; £10000 contribution to the Pavilion area by the playground. For 2019/2020; we contributed £2700 towards the forest area fencing and pathway at the front of school, £1500 for sensory room equipment and £6500 (half cost) for KS2 laptops. In 2020/2021 we paid for items to improve other outdoor areas within school and Books for English and two balloon arches for the end of year.


As well as these one-off items, there are some items that we commit to funding every year, such as:-

Christmas chocolate for each child in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Christmas Party Prizes,

Year 6 leaver gifts.


We do recognise that sitting on a committee is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is not the only way to get involved. We have a growing list of DBS-checked PTFA volunteers who don’t necessarily come to meetings, but are committed to helping out at events, donating raffle prizes – there are lots of ways of helping and we are grateful for whatever time parents can spare us.


You can get in touch with the PTFA by

Letter to the school office (addressed to Amanda Cadman)


Our closed Facebook group  Gorsemoor Primary School PTFA

Or just come along to a meeting! Meetings and events are always posted to Facebook 



We are members of Parentkind; a national charity which offers advice, support, benefits and insurance. Membership number 13654


As a small charity we do not require a Charity Number.



Click below to download a copy of 'what the PTFA looks like at Gorsemoor.'