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Gorsemoor Primary School

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Pupil Entitlement at Gorsemoor

Our commitment to opportunities for performance at Gorsemoor



Our pupils love to perform in as many contexts as possible, whether this be rooted in sport, oracy or music. As a result, the element of performance is a profound part of our school curriculum. Children are given regular opportunities to perform (for example, Physical Education lessons, sporting competitions, poetry recitals, drama and music ensembles, presentations within lessons, pupil leadership groups, assemblies, dance, choral speaking, whole-school assemblies) in front of both small and large audiences of their peers, parents and community.


Sporting performance 


It is a key priority for all our children to engage and participate in physical activity. We develop the fundamentals of physical literacy through the curriculum, have a broad and inclusive competition programme involving both intra and inter school competition, and promote health and wellbeing through a commitment to physical activity. 

Competitive sport develops a range of life skills which supports our children as they progress through school and into adult life. Everything from the benefits of teamwork, resilience and leadership skills, to the respect and humility in handling success or disappointment. A well structured school sport programme offers our children the opportunity to be involved in a range of sports and provide a meaningful experience, whatever their age or ability.


Musical performance


Most children will have their first experience of music at school. At Gorsemoor, we feel it is important that music education of high quality is available to all of our pupils: it must not become the preserve of those children whose families can afford to pay for music tuition. We believe that the benefits of integrating music into our primary curriculum are far reaching, and impact on many areas of school life. Alongside this, we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument whilst at primary school. All of our children have this opportunity in Year 3, where they learn to play the violin. When young people make music together, they work toward a common goal that has the potential to change lives profoundly for the better.


Performance & Pupil Personal Development 


Developing creativity - Imaginative play stimulates and challenges the brain, and allows children to be innovative and broad-minded.


Developing Confidence - Strategies to help get up in front of an audience and present an idea are extraordinarily valuable.


Exposed To Art and Culture - The impact of a sophisticated cultural and artistic education is life-long, and adds enjoyment, depth and meaning to both personal lives and professional work as adults. 


Overcoming Anxieties - The triumph of going performing successfully, and receiving feedback afterwards is one of the profound and tangible reassurances of worth and achievement you will ever get. It gives children a sense of control and will encourage aiming higher, overcoming more obstacles and achieving greater goals in future endeavours.


Problem-Solving - Dealing with unexpected situations and working through to viable solutions is a valuable skill gained from performing.


Social Interaction and Co-operation - Performing promotes working as a team while also encouraging and developing individual talent.