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Growing together, hand in hand

Remote Learning

Growing together, hand in hand

No matter where learning takes place for the children who attend Gorsemoor Primary School, a key driver for our curriculum. During these unprecedented times we are continuing to adapt our provision to support remote learning to ensure all of the children at Gorsemoor can continue to enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum.

In the event of children not being able to attend school, either due to isolating whilst awaiting test results or due to pod closure, all staff are prepared to support the continued development of our children. During the wider school closure period in the previous academic year, we adapted our approach on a regular basis to support our children. We have subsequently adapted this further however much of provision will be familiar to you.

We are continuing to use an online learning platform to set and mark work. However, as shared with you during the Summer Term, the school have been fortunate enough to add Google Classroom to our learning tools. In the short term, Phase 2 (Year 4, 5 and 6) will be utilising this learning platform and EYFS and Phase 1 (Year 1, 2 and 3) will continue to use the Portfolio section of Class Dojo.


What to expect from your teacher if your child is self-isolating?

The class teacher will set work at the first available time when they are made aware of your child self-isolating. On subsequent days, the work will be set the night before so you have the opportunity to get in touch with the class teacher should you require further support and guidance.

The class teacher will respond to the work that has been completed when they can throughout the school day. It is important to stress that the class teacher will still be delivering lessons to the remaining children in the pod and therefore won’t be checking for the work regularly.


What to expect from your teacher if the class is closed?

In the event of a full class closure, the class teacher will be available throughout the school day as they will be working from home. The class teacher will work in a similar way to our previous remote learning period in the summer term. They will share a weekly overview of learning opportunities and give further details to support these sessions. In comparison to the previous period of remote learning, the children will be provided with more year group specific tasks to ensure learning across the year group continues at the same rate and children have access to the same curriculum as their peers in school.


Expectations of Pupils

Expectations for children in phases across the school have now been established in order to prepare them for any period of remote learning. All children are expected to complete the tasks that have been set. If during this time completing tasks becomes challenging due to parental working commitments, contact with the teacher is vital to ensure the class teacher is aware of the difficulty in completing the set work. If your child is unable to complete the tasks due to illness, please contact the class teacher to make them aware. If the class teacher is not aware of this, they will be contacting you to identify why tasks have not been completed.


If you have any queries regarding the remote learning provision at Gorsemoor please contact Mr Brown directly on