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Active games to play at home

None screen time activities 'Take 5'

Games at home

Reaction game
Place a small object (spoon) in the middle of two markers (cushions) that are an even distance apart. Parent / guardian calls out commands for children to touch a body part. Multiple body parts are said before the command SPOON. When spoon is shouted both people playing the game will try and grab the spoon. Fastest wins.

Balance game
Use anything large or small and experiment balancing it on any part of your body. Using harder and more obscure objects to balance on yourself. Easy? Try and balance multiple objects on someone else. Human Buckaroo!

Trivia game
Using posted notes write a sports person on it and stick it somewhere that the other person won’t see. You must now act out what sport that person does as well as other clues but you are not allowed to talk!

Using three soft similar size objects. Start with two and practice until you can introduce a third. Challenge: Use another person and juggle as a pair.


Balloon Tennis
What you need: Balloon
Area: Setting up something in between two sides (tennis court style) 
Players must be on bottoms. 
Alternate serving, all shots must be underarm (so balloon goes up) 
Point scored every time the balloon touches the floor. 

Football style skills and drills
What you need: Football / Tennis ball 
Level 1 – Bounce the ball onto your thigh and catch it.
Level 2 – Bounce the ball onto your thigh and then onto the second thigh and catch it.
Level 3 – Bounce the ball onto both thighs and then onto a foot and catch it. 
Level 4 – Bounce the ball onto both thighs and then both feet and catch it.
Level 5,6,7,8 available next week!

Fitness activities
Day 1 – 5 Press ups / 10 start jumps / 5 sit ups
Day 2 – 8 Press ups / 10 star jumps / 8 sit ups
Day 3 – 8 Press ups / 15 star jumps / 8 sit ups
Day 4 – 10 Press ups / 15 start jumps / 10 sit ups


The KS2 PE National Curriculum says that "Pupils should be taught to:

  • use running jumping, throwing in isolation and in combination;
  • develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance;
  • Perform dances using a range of movement patterns;
  • Compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best."


Any opportunities for the children to do this should be taken. Activities could include:

  • Throwing underarm and overarm to a target (another person catching, a object on the floor, into a cardboard box, a cup etc);
  • Throwing and catching a variety of different objects (tennis balls, footballs, Ping-Pong ball, bean bags, balled up gloves etc);
  • Catching one- and two-handed;
  • Bowling to hit a target;
  • Using a variety of bats and racquets to hit a ball (rounders bat, cricket bat, tennis racquet, rolled up newspaper or magazine). Generally, the larger the surface area and the nearer to the hand, the easier it is to use accurately - so a table tennis bat is easier to hit with than a baseball bat);
  • Jumping over objects from standing or from running;
  • Kicking a ball against a wall;
  • Throwing something into the air and counting the number of claps you can do before catching it again;
  • Running longer distances to build stamina or shorter distances to build speed;
  • Skipping (with and without ropes);
  • Walking along narrow surfaces (could be flat on the floor, but a narrow path marked by two ropes or lengths of string);
  • Copying and / or creating simple dance movements to music or videos.


Why not make a video recording of your child performing some of these skills, watch it back and see if you can think of ways to improve their performance? You could use the tips in the videos above for ideas for improvement.

Links for games to play at home