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Digital 5 a day


With there being such an increase in screen time and technology use during the period of remote learning there are obvious online safety risks and issues that will arise from this. However, a key element of the online safety curriculum is health and wellbeing. To promote children's (and adults) wellbeing and healthy access to technology there is a strategy call the 'Digital 5 a Day.'

The 5 A Day advice is:


  1. Connect: Message, have fun and play with friends and family both online and offline.
  2. Be active: Take some time off and get active - movement helps boost emotional wellbeing.
  3. Get creative: Don’t just browse the internet but use digital tools to create content, to build new skills and discover new passions.
  4. Give to others: Be positive online, report bad content and help others to balance their own 5-a-day.
  5. Be mindful: If time online is causing stress or tiredness then take some time off and ask for help when you need it.


Please use the below link to the Virtual Calm Space on the school website for valuable resources  to maintain your mental health. Please explore the array of tools and strategies below which have been recommended by our wellbeing team.


Below are links containing different information for support during Lockdown and beyond.