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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

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Late/Absence Procedures



Promoting good attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community.  We promote attendance through a personalised and differentiated curriculum and stimulating learning resources, so that pupils are encouraged to enjoy, achieve and stay safe during their time at Gorsemoor.  

Parents/Carers Responsibilities

At our school, the following procedures will normally apply to pupil absences:

  • Absence notification – where possible the parent should make contact with school on the first day of absence. Parents can contact our school office via phone on 01543 274788 or email
  • If no contact is made the school office will use all contact numbers to ascertain why the child is not in school and ensure they are safe.

Late Arrival

The school gates are opened from 8.45 am and closed at 8.55am.  Any child arriving after the school gates are locked need to come through the main school entrance and inform the office staff they are here.  The office staff will ask the parent/carer to record reason for lateness in the signing in book.   

Leave of absence during term time

Parents who want the school to consider granting leave of absence in school term time are required to complete a leave of absence form, available below.  Each request will be considered by the Headteacher individually and on its own merits.

Please see our policies section for the Full Attendance Policy.