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Welcome to Physical Education

Physical Education at Gorsemoor aims to educate and inspire our young pupils to live healthy, active lifestyles and give them the opportunity to form a solid base from which they can grow and develop. Children are given opportunities to compete at a level, which best suits their needs, and through this, begin to develop Sportsmanship. The positive participation in physical education will enable children to build self-esteem, work effectively together and improve resilience, which is reflected throughout all areas the curriculum. As a school, one of our key aims is to develop the mind-set and mental state of our pupils giving them the tools to aid and protect their own well-being as well as supporting their peers. We aim to use Physical Education to build transferable skills that contribute to the success of our children throughout their time at Gorsemoor and their journey into the wider world. 


Actively Safe, Actively Reaching, Actively Achieving.


Click below to download a copy of the I am physically active document

Click below to download a copy of 'what PE looks like at Gorsemoor.'