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Growing together, hand in hand

Pupil Leadership Team



Pupil Leadership Model

In 2022, we launched our brand new pupil leadership model after consulting with parents, staff and children about which pupil leaders they would like to see at Gorsemoor. 


Our vision
We want our pupils at Gorsemoor to have an active role in their education and to continue to have open and trustful relationships with staff. By developing the roles of our pupil leadership team, we are creating a climate for meaningful and valued pupil voice. It provides the opportunity for less-confident children to put forward their ideas in a safe and respectful environment and give them an active voice. Pupil leadership also creates opportunities on an individual level by allowing children to understand how they learn, developing their speaking and listening skills, forming opinions and having accountability for their learning.

At Gorsemoor, it is incredibly important to create authentic and genuine opportunities to give a voice to our pupils, so that when they are heard, our pupils understand that they are being taken seriously which, in effect, creates sustainable pupil engagement. Through meaningful pupil participation in all activities around school, we can help our pupils to become articulate and collaborative learners. This way, we will ensure that pupils have a greater involvement in establishing an ethos in which we are truly 'growing together, hand in hand’.  



Each year, our wonderful Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to apply for one of our coveted ambassador roles, ready to start in September of Year 6. 

Pupils are invited to compete an application form in a style that best suits them! Applications over the last few years have included; posters, videos, letters and presentations. Take a look at some examples below.