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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

Growing together, hand in hand

Whole School

22.11.20 Covid-19 Update Whole School
17.11.20 Whole School Update: Staffordshire Covid-19 Testing

12.11.20 Positive C-19 Case - individual contacts only

01.11.20 Face Covering and Risk Assessment Update

27.10.2020 IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update
26.10.2020 Letter for Nursery, Reception and Year Two Parents
23.10.2020 End of Half Term Letter

19.10.2020 IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update

16.10.2020 IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update

14.10.2020 Whole School Flu Vacination Information Reception to Year 6

25.09.2020 Measles Letter

10.09.2020 IMPORTANT Coronavirus Update

09.09.2020 Yr1-Yr6 Spelling

09.09.2020 Rec-Y6 Reading

07.09.20 Entry and exit IMPORTANT INFORMATION