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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

Growing together, hand in hand

Curriculum Design

The curriculum is delivered in mixed age classes on a two-year rolling programme of 'Cycle A' and Cycle B.'

Cycle A Gorsemoor Curriculum 2021-2022

Cycle B Gorsemoor Curriculum 2022-2023

The Gorsemoor Curriculum, in its design, intends to develop the key messages from a collection of theories in order to implement a broad, balanced and knowledge engaged curriculum that maintains consistently high expectations for all. Through an agile and progressive approach the key principles from each academic viewpoint are woven together to create a robust tapestry for quality first teaching and learning. 


When considering the progression across mixed age delivery it has been vital that we develop a dual strand approach that enables learning to be embedded through multi-faceted progression sequences across subjects, ages, phases, terms, weeks and even daily.  Our curriculum delivery is inclusive and motivating for all learners due to whole class engagement strategies that are embedded in to daily teaching and learning expectations at all stages.