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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

Growing together, hand in hand


Competitive Sports at Gorsemoor

At Gorsemoor we are very lucky to have many talented children who represent the school in a variety of sports. We currently have children who represent local football teams, county and district teams and also professional academies. We also have a world championship kick boxer, many children who participate in different forms of martial arts, budding gymnasts and dancers and some really strong swimmers. Here are some pictures of our children enjoying their sport by representing the school, or competing outside of school.

Laches Wood

In year five, children have the amazing opportunity to visit Laches Wood. At Laches Wood, not only do children get to stay in modern and comfortable dormitory style accommodation, they also get the chance to participate in  adventure activities including high ropes, bike trails and indoor climbing and caving. The adventure learning programmes stretch and challenge pupils by learning new skills whilst being active and having fun.  Pupils make memories to last a lifetime and to take with them as they go on to seek exploration in the world.