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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

Growing together, hand in hand

Our School Values

‘Growing together, hand in hand’


Our school vision represents the strong bond between our school and its community and we aim to inspire everyone to grow together to create an atmosphere that will give our children the best education possible. Our staff are armed with a strong moral purpose where high expectations are our starting point, not our end goal. We are dedicated to sustaining a culture engrained in personal and social development with a determined and collective commitment to the school's values for growth.


In any community, values are the essential building blocks for developing positive relationships and creating a climate for opportunity and limitless possibility. Here at Gorsemoor, we share a common sense of values that guide our approaches, relationships, policies and behaviour. Our values underpin every decision that we make in our school.


Our vision is that by growing together, hand in hand, we ensure that there is no limit on what we can achieve.



We are nurturing.


We all work together to make sure we all have an equal opportunity to succeed.


We believe in the potential for all to succeed and work hard to understand and remove barriers to learning. Meeting the needs of all learners is central to our vision and we plan learning and transistion based on our knowledge of each individual pupil. 


We are resilient.


We encourage each other to never give up.


We learn that mistakes are a purposeful tool for learning and growing. Part of being resilient is recognising is that there will be times when things get tough. We are committed to promoting positive mental health and well-being for all at Gorsemoor and therefore, through our PSHE, nurture and wellbeing teams, we aim to help our children and staff develop the capacity to work through difficult times.


We look after our mental and emotional health.

We are collaborative.


All that we achieve is through teamwork.


Effective teamwork drives the school forward. We believe that by working together we will achieve much more and that all should have the opportunity to shape and develop the school. We understand that we are better placed to meet challenges through working in partnership and developing leadership across the school community.


Without people at its heart, our school is just building.

We are welcoming.


We seek to promote awareness, understanding and respect in our world.


We aim to provide an education which is sensitive to individual needs and accessible to all children. At Gorsemoor, we value diversity, tackle discrimination and promote equality and we believe passionately in the importance of inclusion and equality for all children and adults, and strive to ensure these values are interwoven in our daily practises. 


We are committed to fostering good relationships between people.

We are respectful.


Respect lies at the heart of our behaviour policy.


All members of our school community take pride in our school and what it represents. We look after and respect each other and we understand that we have a responsibility to challenge any behaviour that undermines what we stand for. Bullying is never tolerated.


We are proud to part of the Gorsemoor community.



We are happy.


We learn best when we feel good about ourselves.


We all work together to create the right environment for learning so that we are happy, safe and secure. We recognise that caring about each other will lead to a positive learning environment. In our school, we see smiling faces, purposeful classrooms, pupils, parents and stafftalking and listening to each other, good manners, a warm welcome to visitors and confident pupils and staff who believe we all have the potential to succeed. Whether through academic performance, sporting achievement, participation in expressive arts, leading the way in technologies, charity work or citizenship, we value and celebrate all success.


We make memories at Gorsemoor - and they are happy ones. Happy children make good learners!