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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

Growing together, hand in hand

Our School Values

Our school vision is that our school will ‘Growing together, hand in hand’ through high quality teaching and learning, personal and social development and a shared commitment to the school’s values:


· Democracy – everybody has a voice and we must always listen to each other’s views

· The rule of law – our rules are there to protect us and to teach us right from wrong

· Individual liberty – we are all special, unique and free to choose what we believe

· Mutual respect – we must always treat each other with respect

· Tolerance – we recognise and celebrate our differences


We really would like our whole school community, children and adults, to support these values so that we can ensure Gorsemoor is a safe place for everyone to develop and thrive.


Our pupils are all individuals, so the better we know them the better we can plan in school to be able to meet their very different needs academically, socially and emotionally. At the start of this academic year, we introduced CONNECT time, which now happens every Monday across school. School timetables are sometimes so busy with different areas of the curriculum we wanted to ensure teachers also have the opportunity and time to establish a connection with the pupils in their class using Communication, Open-mindedness, Nurture, News, Empathy, Calmness and Time. We have had some great feedback from pupils, staff and parents / carers about the success of this and we hope that, over time, we will encourage and facilitate skills that they will be able to use now and in the future through conversation, playing games and encouraging modelled discussion and debate with adults and with each other.