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Gorsemoor Primary School

Gorsemoor Primary School

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Welcome to PSHE at Gorsemoor


It is our belief, that the purpose of education is to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to prepare children for their diverse working lives, build character, teach knowledge for its own intrinsic value and ignite a love of learning.


The PSHE curriculum focuses on developing the whole child by providing them with opportunities and experiences that help them grow as individuals. At Gorsemoor, we aim to equip pupils with the essential skills for life whilst broadening their knowledge, attributes and skills to enable them to become independent and responsible citizens. Our whole school ethos is built on the enrichment of the personal development of each and every child. We encourage pupils to think positively, develop self-confidence in their own abilities and explore their aspirations. By shaping pupils self-esteem, building resilience and developing emotional intelligence we enable them to become motivated learners and well-rounded individuals.


We also provide children with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to form and sustain healthy relationships whilst staying emotionally and physically safe. We teach our children to recognise the importance of staying not only physically active but to recognise that developing good mental health is also a necessary part of their wellbeing.


At Gorsemoor, we prepare our children for the future through developing financial literacy and encouraging them to play a positive role in contributing to their school and the wider community. We ensure they are given opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities and to appreciate what it means to be part of a diverse and multicultural society. We hope our PHSE curriculum  will prepare our children for the challenges and prospects of a forever changing world and open doors to exciting futures.

PSHE at Gorsemoor covers Relationships Education and Health Education. 

We currently do not teach Sex Education at Gorsemoor, but this is reviewed by all stakeholders on a year-by-year basis, depending on the needs of our pupils.


Click here to download the I am a well rounded citizen document.