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Religious Education

Welcome to RE at Gorsemoor


It is our belief, that the purpose of education is to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to prepare children for their diverse working lives, build character, teach knowledge for its own intrinsic value and ignite a love of learning.  We believe our Religious Education curriculum achieves this purpose by providing children with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to embrace the diverse global community in which we live. Children will encounter people from different religions in everyday life and with this in mind, we want our children to be able to consider the responsibilities they have to themselves and to others in the wider world. Religious Education helps to develop a respect and understanding of other world faiths within our community and encourages children to ask thought provoking questions whilst also encouraging generosity and compassion. It provides them with a means to challenge prejudice and empathise with the beliefs and values of others. It is also important for children to learn the meaning of reflection.  We want our children to develop their own sense of identity and belonging.  This is encouraged through showing respect and open-mindedness towards those around us and also by reflecting on their own experiences and those of others in a thoughtful way.


Opening hearts and minds to a diverse world


Celebrating Lohri

Click here to download the I am a Religious Scholar document.

Click here to download the 'What Religious Education Looks Like' document: