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When looking at onscreen technology, the developments in available software and devices enable us to explore a wide range of digital skills that not only incorporate 21st Century thinking but enable the application of wider curriculum and life skills too.

Not all screen time is unproductive and often can be a great outlet for creativity. For example, a child with an interest in video games can be inspired to program games of their own design. Budding authors can use digital publishing tools to generate e-books and wider materials. Future musicians can learn how to layer, edit and loop sound samples to create their own audio pieces. Budding designers, can plan, design and manipulate design tools to create structures, products and digital worlds.  

Despite technology being a valuable tool in enabling children to express themselves creatively, here at Gorsemoor we place an equal value to the off screen creativity that both children and adults can immerse themselves in. Taking the time to draw, sing, dance, build, cook, and design…allowing creativity to scaffold and nurture a positive mind-set.

Take 5 today and consider how you could be creative tomorrow.
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